Engineering in the UK (2012 Overview)

Engineering in the UK: A gudie to the industry where you are

A guide to the engineering industry where you are.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate or an old (hard) hat whose been there, built/maintained that and got the trade qualifications to prove it, finding a new job in the UK engineering sector can seem like a daunting task. Luckily HolyMoley‘s here to help you dig through the details.

The Good News

  • You’re in a great profession! The engineering and manufacturing sector currently employs more than eight million people. It is still an extremely significant contributor to the British economy.
  • Skill shortages are just around the corner, 2.7 billion more job openings are expected in the next ten years. In fact buoyant sectors such as Oil and Gas (set to receive an £11bn investment in North Sea assets) and Renewable Energies are already experiencing them. You could help fill the gap!
  • The ability of a new generation to meet the industries employment demands is limited. As a result government –led initiatives and apprenticeships are just waiting for a young talent pool to take advantage of them.
  • Hydraulic Fracking could yield an entirely new industry crying out for specialised engineers. Fracking transformed the US from a net importer of natural gas to a net exporter and the UK government has just approved a number of trials.

The Bad News

  • The future may be bright but it’s not here yet. Speculative prospects are all well and good, but that doesn’t help your immediate job search.
  • The sector is still recovering from the effects of the recession. The number of engineering enterprises and associated jobs were still decreasing as recently as 2011. Manufacturing in particular has found it difficult to rally, though the tide is turning.
  • Employers want extremely specialised experience and knowledge. In an employer’s market there is less incentive to galvanise potential when there are so many job-seekers out there who likely have direct experience of a particular role. This is not a time to be modest. Highlight, underline and even shout about your relevant skills. Be specific, and make sure you know your niche: who are the main employers and what are their key requirements?
  • Generally there are still more potential employees than employers. Making yourself visible in the crowd is still one of your most difficult tasks.

More Facts

  • Most engineering enterprises in UK are small micro-businesses: 89.1% of all firms have less than 10 employees. You Should therefore cast your net wider than the “Big Names”. Here’s how.
  • It is thought engineering enterprises will require 2.74 million new workers by 2020.
  • Engineering is number 2 in the top ten most difficult jobs to fill globally.

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